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To all the free people of the world, we believe that privacy, secrets and freedom of opinion are the most valuable possessions people have

More Details About FreeWorld

This project is the ambition of a young Arab engineer who wanted to build a social networking site, to make a simple start, as all the giant networking sites in the world started.

I aspire to put servers under the supervision of a group of international bodies specialized in protecting user data

I aspire to give enough space for all users to express their views, even if they are somewhat strange, provided that they do not incite violence, killing and self-harm

I will make sure that the project is never traditional and comes with many new ideas that distinguish it from the rest of the well-known communication site


The most important features of the FreeWorld networking site

Store for members and store for site management

In addition to being a communication site, there are stores to manage the site, where members are able to add products through it, in addition to a special store to manage the site

Integrated social networking site

It contains all the features of well-known social networking sites in addition to working on introducing more new features in the near future

Add a Cinema and Cryptocurrency

Future features, but will appear with the official launch of the project in the next few days

 courses through the social networking 

The courses can be presented through the social networking site itself, and this is done in a distinctive way, and these courses appear and are categorized within the profile

More about the founder and owner and some details

The project is currently running with the help of a set of tools for international companies and there is great coordination with them, we are thinking of rebuilding the entire project after achieving a small success in the near future. In order for the FreeWorld networking site to be at a high level similar to well-known international networking sites, and to be able to receive hundreds of millions of users in the near future..


Mohammed M. Al-tamim

Owner and founder

This project is the ambition of a young Arab engineer named "Mohammed Mahmood Marzah Al-Tamimi" who wanted to build a social networking site. A British company was established for this project, and its founder and owner, Engineer Mohamed Mahmoud, was a young Arab in order to have an international legal cover and a British joint stock company aimed at building an Arabic social networking site.


Mohammed M. Al-tamimi

Owner and founder

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The company that owns the project

An American joint stock company dedicated to the FreeWorld social  networking project was created under Name

FreeWorld For Information Technology Ltd

Filing ID "001113947-2022" in Wyoming. It is the first American company dedicated to the purpose of building a global social networking site. It is granted to a young man from the Arab world residing in Iraq, as it is   registered as owned by the engineer.

Mohammed Mahmood Marzah

And it got all the approvals for the purpose of building a global social networking site that will be launched by an Arab youth, and it starts from the Arab world. Certainly, the presence of a company in the United States for this project gives us a great impetus for success and overcoming difficulties.

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