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About FreeWorld project

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Honestly, FreeWorld project was built by a young Arab 
This project, if the necessary development is available, will be the first of its kind in the Arab world, so it was directed as a start from Arab youth to the countries of the Arab world and we are sure that the youth of the Arab world ,They will be very supportive of such projects, after achieving the expected success in the Arab world ,we will work To make the whole world hear about this project so that everyone who likes to join us,
frankly, the project management does not seek to compete with international companies specialized in this field..

Rather, we aspire to build a project for a communication site at the level of global sites, and hope we have high coordination, friendship and cooperation with international companies specialized in this field.

It should be noted that the project is currently under development and preparation and has not yet been officially launched, which means that we have not launched FreeWorld until this moment, because the project management is facing financial problems and we are afraid that investors will benefit. From this by imposing a distorted will on the project management, so we are working with all our energy to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the project and give shares to subscribers in order to provide the necessary funds to complete the development, and officially launch it.

The most important features of the FreeWorld social networking site can be summarized initially Are

company that owns of project

After reaching good results in this project, it was necessary to establish a company for the project to provide the legal cover for what we are working on.
We were able to create an American company for the FreeWorld Social Media project, to provide legal and international cover, protection and oversight for this project at the same time, as well as for the project to be a global company globally and companies that are able to give shares to all shareholders.
Through this project, a simple Arab young man wanted to realize his ambition to build his project as the rest of the creative youth in the world began. He is the owner and founder of the FreeWorld project and the American company:

FreeWorld For Information Technology Ltd