Owner, Founder and CEO of FreeWorld Community

The engineer, "Mohammad Mahmood Merzah," a simple Arab young man from Iraq, the founder and owner of this project, is not much different from the founders of the well-known global communication sites. Everyone started with an ambition and a big dream that he seeks to achieve and strives to reach his goal


About Mohammed

Born in Baghdad Governorate, in the year 1993, the fourth month on the 12th, from an Iraqi-Arab family belonging to an ancient tribe, the Bani “Tamim” tribe, to be a bold and ambitious Arab young man who does not believe in the impossible, and strives hard to achieve his goals and turn them into reality. He planed to build a platform for social communication It gives freedom to all users to express their opinions, with many features available in most of the well-known global communication platforms, in addition to innovative new features that are not available in any other platform, such as planning to integrate a digital currency with the FreeWorld communication site that is mined during the time you spend browsing and interacting on Social networking platform freeworld

University Degree And Work

He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer and software engineering from Al-Mustansiriya University, College of Engineering in Baghdad. After graduation, he worked as a developer who contributes to building websites, and then thought after that of building the FreeWorld platform, which is the first Arab platform for social communication on a global level. He currently works for the CEO And the owner of the FreeWorld platform, as well as the owner of the US company "FreeWorld For Information Technology Ltd", which is located in the state of Wyoming
He is also the owner and founder of the British company:


?! When did idea FreeWorld begin

The beginning was just a simple idea through an Arab young man to build a global communication site in which he follows in the footsteps of creators in the world who started their projects in a similar way or close to that until the idea began to mature and the name “FreeWorld” was chosen for our community in the second half of the year 2021 in our belief in freedom of        expression The opinion

Companies established for the FreeWorld Community

An American company that was incorporated in the state of Wyoming in the month 5 of the year 2022. This company is the main company for the FreeWorld community, and it is a joint stock company of the type of institutions and registered on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Wyoming, USA, under the name "FreeWorld For Information Technology Ltd" and the number "2022-001113947
And the engineer (mohammed mahmood merzah) is the owner, president and CEO of it...


FreeWorld For Information Technology Ltd

Owner, President and CEO

A British company established in the twelfth month of 2021, this company is the first company established for the project and it is a shareholder and registered in the British House of Companies under the name “INFINITE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LTD” and the number “13786164” and the engineer (Mohamed Mahmoud Marza) is its owner and founder ...
This company will have important and large roles in this project, but the American company is the main one for the FreeWorld project.



Owner and founder

Social Network FreeWorld

To all the free people of the world, we believe that privacy, secrets and freedom of opinion are the most valuable possessions people have